Warranty Analysis focuses on predicting future warranty and maintenance cost of running the whole program. At Qualimation Tech we have developed methods that helps in early detection and correction of some of the warranty related problems also this Information is needed to perform root cause analysis on product failures. Since field failure forms as basis for FMEA, study of warranty is essential to the quality managment process. The Warranty information also forms as basis to feed subsystem and component level reliability information.

Participants in this program will learn how to use their warranty and service data to:
Improve product and/or service quality
Reduce production and after-market costs
Increase customer satisfaction
Establish cost-effective reliability and warranty levels

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The Warranty Analysis course is not limited to the follwing but covers the following:

Failure Time Distributions
Field Failures as basis for FMEA
How to analyze field Failures.
Warranty/ Fleet Maintenance Data?
Warranty Analysis
Warranty Prediction
Analysis of Non-Homogeneous warranty data
Monitoring the Warranty data
Setting opimal warranty periods
Most economic centering
Weibull probability Analysis and life testing

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