Every organisation must attend to the present, some attend to the present untill the next recession happens. Some know the reason to their profits hence identify and adopt methods that protect them against such chance causes. Qualimation helps you create a balance between Long and Short term business strategies through a process of Revenue Maximisation. Qualimation uses the full potential and power of analytics (Science of inference and planning) to advance your organisation. Organizations must collect and analyze data to determine system suitability and effectiveness so that improvements can be made.
Corporate Leadership Development (CLD) provides leadership related, innovative and interactive learning and development solutions to organistions through a team of qualified and experienced professionals. Qualimations supports the development of employees in leadership roles using a well-defined leadership development strategy. The strategy supports a holistic approach to employee development and incorporates learning on the job, social learning and formal learning. This is executed through a range of competency based leadership training courses. We also partner with HR to offer individual and customized learning and development opportunities to business departments such as development centers, coaching, team building and team away days, the use of Psychometric and 360 tools, as well as, leadership and performance-related consultancy to ensure the highest level of transfer of learning to the workplace

Your Organisation strives to be commercially successful, innovative, safe and customer centric. To achieve and sustain, you need skilled and capable leaders with skills sets similar to the Six Sigma black belts. These leaders focus on results and people. Technical skills are very important, however, the leaders need to motivate, inspire and support their teams as well. When you inspire others, you lift them up and you get results- that’s crucial for the business. Our advice to the leaders is to get out there, connect with your teams and act as role models for others. Focus on your own development, build on your strengths, this will help development of your team members and continue to keep the organisation successful.
Qualimation has methods to record and analyze customer complaints. Handling customer complaints can be difficult, but successful organisations rely on satisfied customers. Customers are increasingly demanding the best, fastest and most convenient and if they feel their complaint or objection is not being heard and dealt with effectively they will take their business elsewhere. Being able to listen, respond to and handle customer complaints in a positive manner will be an important step in creating long-term customer loyalty. At Qualimation we support you in understanding your customer better by analyzing and telling you what they realy mean or imply.


  • * Beat your competition by taking the Six Sigma approach
  • * Develop a cadre of executives with world class six sigma leadership qualities.
  • * Use Six Sigma to support your expansion agenda
  • * Six Sigma can form as a driving force for change
  • * Thoroughly understand the Input vs your output relationship through the quality cost approach.
  • * Support sales through Improved Quality Rating ( Publish you as a six sigma company)
  • * Develop a Quality knowledge base within the company
  • * Learn the theory of planned change
  • * Encourage continuous innovation.

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Intensive 25 Hrs Class Room training course leading to Six Sigma Green Belt Certification, conducted by Real time consultants with 20 years expertise + online and class room support for six sigma project development upto 1 year...

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The course is very excellent and content is good, the practical and case studies is very good. The time of delivery / Handson.

S.Sathish, Asst Prof, Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College

I have improved my knowledge in this course. Lot of awareness about controlling the defect. This is very useful for my career and improves the Quality level in the organisation.

K.Vinoth Kumar, Quality Engineer, APEX Bright Bars, Coimbatore

The course is very good and useful to me. I got lot of ideas from your teaching, your way of training is simple and superb.

S.Meiyazagan, MBA, ANNA University

Very useful and clear,

V.Bharathi, MBA, Anna University

The course is good and learned a lot in this session. At a design level plan to use this for product development in developing a defect free product and with minimum cost.

Elavarasan. S. R&D , KNR Company

Excellent!!!, I have clearly understood how to approach the DPMO and PPM options. The X bar chart and its actual importance is very clear now.

N. Vijaya Kumar, Production Incharge, Viking Industries

It was a very interactive session, lots of practical application for service and production sectors.

Sumesh, Research Scholar, Anna University

This course is useful for academic and industry. The way of explanation with practical solution is very easy to understand. No matter what business you are doing 6 sigma is critical.

Dr.P.Sivaprakash, Associate Professor, ASL Pauls college of Engineering and Tech

The course is very useful for management graduates, i already know TQM, still felt the application of 6sigma is deep and useful.

Umaashankar.V, MBA Student, Anna University

The course is well planned out and effectively handled, covered basics and all credentials needed for Six Sigma. I was able to understand the concepts well, the examples quoted gave a real time picture for understanding.

K.Karthikeyan, Assistant Professor, K.V. Institute of Management and Information Studies

Training for success

Who should be trained first?

The senior management should fully supports the Six Sigma initiative and also get trained in the concept of Six Sigma. They should put together a plan to implement Six Sigma throughout the whole company. After the top management group, the training should be moved on to the officer group and the leadership group.

Once the top leadership at Company had been trained, the company should rolling out the process throughout Companies entire operations. Leadership training should be followed by training for the people who would become the backbone of the Six Sigma process: Master Black Belts, Black Belts and Green Belts. In the first year and a half of the initiative, Some companies any trained nearly all the entire people.

A typical MNC like Ford Motors maintain about 2,500 Black Belts at all times and have a goal to train all the salaried professional employees to be Green Belts. What do all thes belts do in the company?

Mastering Self

Personal Leadership Excellence Decision Making     Training Yourself for Personal Excellence (TYPE) Policy Deployment     The Emotionally Intelligent Leader Motivational

In addition

Executing Strategies

Strategic Thinking - Choosing the Future Now, Forecasting   Formulating Strategies - Playing to Win, Pricing   Strategic Change - Linking People and Strategy Targeting and Planning


Customer Analytics

Customer Experience Matters Turn Customer Experience into opportunity   Customer Experience and Improved Efficiency Quality Function Deployment   Influence and Networking Digital Analytics, Key Characteristics for growth


Understanding the business


The Cosmopolitan Leader Value Stream Mapping   The process of optimization-Lean 5S, Zero Defect, Error Proofing Measure and Setting Baseline Cost of Quality, Defects per million opportunity

Managing Challenges

Managing Challenges: Fundamentals of Problem Solving Managing Challenges: Problem Solving Tools and Techniques Managing Challenges: Solutions that Last. Data and Relationships

The training i

Enhancing your Impact

Building Solutions and Systems Agile methods and system tools Process Controls and tools Statistical Quality Control The Art of Presenting Exceptions, Alerts


Interviewing Skills :

Interviewing Skills Requirement, personality and behavior. Assessor’s Skills Behavioral Assessment Process, Psychometrics

In addition

Deevloping Others

Facilitating Skills for Leaders Feedback, Delegation Coaching Skills Tell vs Ask, Accountability Performance Evaluation


The leader:




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