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Six Sigma
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Six Sigma Certification, the best tool for zero defects
Qualimations offers the most promising Quality training with Six Sigma Green Belt for those interested in improving their manufacturing, service or other business operations. The course will include classroom training on the Six Sigma methodology coupled with an Industry Green Belt project.

We bring you the best trainer in 6sigma with 20 years Quality Management expertise..
Invest in your career and your future by earning a Qualimations certification on Quality Assurance. Gain the advantage in your career and increase your potential for a higher salary. Qualimations offers the best program in Quality Management with practical application and certification.
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Day1:Morning: Basics of Six Sigma/Define/Measure

Introduction to Six Sigma
Six Sigma & Project Management
Project Selection Process DMAIC vs. DMADV
Six Sigma Policy Deployment
Customer Requirement to Key Quality characteristics
Process mapping and CQT
Quality Function Deployment, with two example work out
Advanced Product Quality Planning

Day1:Afternoon, Quality Control tools with practical work out.

Lean Six Sigma Defined/ Success Stories
The Sigma Level/ Calculating the current Sigma Level
Process Thinking/Process Mapping/Flow Charts
Pareto Analysis/Causes of Variations/Correlations.
Why-Why Analysis
Designing an experiment, Factors, levels
Testing Hypothesis with real time applications
Cause and Effect (Fish Bone analysis)
Failure mode and effects analysis.

Day2 Morning:Data/Measuring effectivness and Quality control.

Data Analysis and outliers
Measurement System Analysis
Statistical Quality control
Process Capability Analysis
Study of controls with practical examples
Integrating in Quality Assurance and Audit

Day2 Afternoon: Problem Solving and Decision Making

Process flow - FMEA - Control plan
Deep Analysis method of problem solving
Problem and situation analysis with data
Using Statistcal methods to solve problems
Examples with work out

Day3, Morning :Quality control inspection procedures in Industry/Services/Software

Testing and using Analysis data
Companywide Six Sigma deployment
Measuring the effectiveness of Improvement
Consolidating and closing Six Sigma projects
Cost of Quality Analysis

Day3 Afternoon: Exam, Evaluation, feedback, Certification
How to analyze and give feedback for Quality improvement
New developments in Six Sigma
Revenue Maximisation using Six Sigma
How to contact Qulimations when applying Six Sigma methods
Job Market for Quality Proffesional
Test to evaluate six sigma green belt knowledge
Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

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" Perfect,Interesting and highly educative. It has broaden my knowledge on how to handle, solve problems and improve quality in my organization "

Julie O Kodu , protocol manager/project co ordinator, Sea Petroleum & CTAS Group of companies,Lagos,Nigeria

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" Excellent course and instructor, explains on the concepts, takes trouble to explain with every day examples. Illustrated with actual field problems. As healthcare is relatively new area for six sigma application it will take time but the principles apply. I would consider starting from patient registration and then the billing process. "

Dr Satish Kurivilla, Gynaecologist, Pondicherry Institute of Medical Sciences

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" Course Content: Well Designed ,
Course Leader: Very Communicative and Interactive,
Course: Well understood, the speed and presentation is with simple examples, this makes this event successful, eg: learnt the SPC tools very easily and specific to the purpose.
Rating : Very Good
Others: if your program is available online it should be helpful.
I plan to start with the DPMO, rejection analysis and causes to be found out by using QFD / SIPOC. FMEA is very critical for medical devices as the CE mark certificate is based on FMEA to find the risk factor.. "

Ramanujam.R, Sr Manager-QARA & MR, TeleFlex Medical Ltd, Pondicherry

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At the end of this session you will be in a position to handle the following situations...

Identify and focus on customers Critical-to-Quality (CTQ) characteristics
...Solve problems using the Define,Measure, Analyze, Improve,and Control (DMAIC) process.
Focus on defect reduction to increase bottom-line performance.
Use the Six Sigma metric, Statistical Process Control, Measurement System Analysis tools.
Recognize and understand the terms associated with Six Sigma and use proper Six Sigma tools to eliminate defects within the process.
Analyze baseline data to determine the sigma measure of the process and develop different level of controls for processes to reduce defects.
Determine the Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ) in organizations.
Improve quality in a logical, step-by-step manner as prescribed by the Six Sigma methodology and management philosophy.